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CompanySpy - Your Galaxy S2 Goes Undercover

CompanySPY Business App
As promised, we're trying to do some more app reviews.  Today we've got this clever little business app, Company Spy which has only just been made available on Android. It was previously an iPhone only app.  Company Spy, lets you run credit reports on UK companies and company directors reports.  This may prove very useful to our businessy readers, as you can run credit reports on the move and access all the reports you've previously run through the app.  Check the Read More link for the low down.

VLC Direct Pro - Stream Media to Your Galaxy S2

VLC Direct Pro

I was just searching for a solution to stream media from my PC to my Galaxy S2.  After a little searching, I found VLC Direct. The paid version is VLC Direct Pro. Quite simply, it does what you'd expect. It lets you stream videos from your computer straight to your Galaxy S2.  So far I have only tested this over my home network, and I doubt it'll allow remote streaming but I'll try it out later and let you know.  It was fairly easy to set up, as the app on the phone directs you through this process.  

You can also stream in the oposite direction, playing files from your phone on your computer.  If you already have VLC media player on your computer, you don't need to install any other server software which is handy too.  Definitely recommended if you want some entertainment in the kitchen while you're preparing dinner secretly eating the last of the Ben & Jerry's. 


Swype Beta is Better- Dig in! (root)


Swype has opened up the Beta program again, so make sure you sign up here to get it, and YES it is better!
Swype has taken the smartphone keyboard world by storm. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out. Get on it. If you've got a Galaxy S2 already, know that it comes preinstalled on your phone.  Half the magic is how quick it is and the other have is how it knows what you meant to type. Clever.  Click 'read more' for installation info and improvements.


Skype with Video Hacked to Your Galaxy S2 - UPDATED

No doubt a number of you already have Skype but have as yet been unable to use the Video option on your Galaxy S2. The wait is over. Although Skype released Skype 2.0 which included video support a couple of days ago, the Galaxy S2 was not on the list of compatible devices. Of course, that didn't get in the way of the folks at XDA who have just released a modified version that works on the Galaxy S2. Result! Get it here! Looks like there are two versions floating about. The second one is here. Please note that you will have to uninstall the existing version of Skype on your phone first, before installing one of the modified versions of Skype 2.0 linked above.

Sony's Panorama Beta Now Available on Galaxy S2!

Panorama Beta by Sony on the Samsung Galaxy S2
Thanks to the good people over ath XDA-Developers Panorama Beta, which was launched by Sony Ericsson for their Xperia phones, is now available on the Samsung Galaxy S2.  As usual with these more involved tips Root is required to get this working.  The instructions are pretty simple and straight forward. You need to have Chainfire's CWM Manager installed which you use to flash an update and then you simply install a standard app. We just tested it and it worked a treat. Check out our first panoramic shot after the break and/or click here for the full details on how to install it.


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