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Jubilee Caption Contest - Win a Galaxy S2 Case

jubilee galaxy s2 caption contest

With the upcoming Jubilee and release of the Galaxy S3 (clearly both of equal importance) it is as good a time as any for a caption contest.  Hopefully this will also help keep you Galaxy S2-ers interested in your own phone instead of drooling over the new Galaxy S3.  Write a caption for the image above of Queen Mirren in the comments below. Our most favouritest caption will win one of these purty Case-mate cases you see. Make sure you enter a valid email address!

The winner is: greeners !!! Congrats. 


Vodafone UK Now Taking Galaxy S3 Pre-Orders

Vodafone UK Galaxy S3 Pre-orders
Vodafone UK has jumped on the bandwagon and is ready to take your Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-order. You can choose the blue or white version, and you can also choose between the 16 or 32gb versions.
View their contracts here, or alternately check out our own list of the best Galaxy S3 contracts currently available here which we update as frequently as we can.

Galaxy S2 Running Samsung Galaxy S3's S-Voice

Samsung Galaxy S3 S-Voice
Samsung made a pretty big deal about S-Voice on the Galaxy S3. While I wouldn't call it a showstopper, the fact that the S-Voice installation file has been leaked does come as a pleasant surprise - giving us all to get a taste of the Galaxy S3 before it is released.  For full installation instructions follow this link to XDA-Developers.  So far, it does appear to understand general conversational English better than the original Galaxy S2 voice recognition software. However, whether it's down to the ROM I'm currently using or not, I've encountered some bugs that crash the app. No doubt this will NOT be the case actual Galaxy S3.
Samsung appears to have blocked the S-Voice service from working on any phones other than the Galaxy S3. Hit the Read more link to find the workaround. 

Galaxy S3 Contracts - The Lo-down

Galaxy S3 Contracts
With so many contracts to choose from, over on Galaxy SIII Tips we've launched the Contracts section. That's where you'll find all the best mobile contracts for the Samsung Galaxy S3. We've hand picked them based on the total price you pay over an 18 month period and the services that are included.

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