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Disable Wake From Volume Buttons (ROOT)

I like having keys that have specific jobs.  There is something that just feels a little sloppy to me when multiple keys have the same effect. In this instance I'm talking about multiple buttons that wake the phone from sleep. The home button and power button make sense to me, but I just don't need those volume buttons doing the job too. For that reason, I've disabled that option.  I used Root Explorer on my Galaxy S2 but there are other options. First navigate to the root folder and then to: system/usr/keylayout. Open the sec_key.kl file as a text document and then just delete the word "WAKE" from the lines you want. Each line corresponds to a button on the phone, it's clear you'll see. Save the file and reboot. Done. You will need to root your Galaxy S2 first. I really ought to do a quicksticks root guide.... coming soon.

Disable Voice Command When You Tap the Home Button Twice (ROOT)

There aren't many things that bug me about the Samsung Galaxy S2. Very few really, but one of them is that the Voice Command option comes up far too often. AND I'm convinced it sometimes comes up when I haven't even tapped the home button twice. I haven't found the need for that feature really, so today enough was enough and I removed it. It's a simple enough process with Titanium Backup, although I did back it up first just in case. You never know. You will have to have a rooted phone though. Let us know if you've found any other tricks to stop voice command from appearing after a double home tap, without uninstalling it entirely.

Wish I lived in Sydney, Australia! $2.00 Galaxy S2!

                          Samsung Galaxy S2 Bargain

Know anyone in Sydney who owes you a favour? This is the time to cash in! 
AGH! We're seething with envy! Since this Monday through to this Friday, there is a pop up shop in Sydney which is selling the Samsung Galaxy S2 for only 2 Australian Dollars.... For the first 10 buyers every day that is. That's so generous of you Sammy, how abouts extending some of that generosity this way eh?  The pop up shop is at 379-381 George Street, Sydney. For all the deets click here, direct from Samsung.


Galaxy S2 Update for Bigger Icons

Galaxy S2 Vs iPhone
Many of you will already be aware of the recent legal battles between Apple and Samsung in regards to the Galaxy S2. Basically they say the user interface is a copy of Apple's interface. Of course, I side with Sammy. Also, all these smart phones are all starting to look so similar anyway, that I find this complaint a bit ridiculous. Why can't they just be happy with their enormous market share? Anyway, because of these issues between Sammy and Apple, Samsung will apparently be releasing an update for the Galaxy S2 which will increase the size of icons by 30%. This means, only 3 icons in your dock and 3x3 grids.  Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I'll just stick with my "iPhone copy" if it's all the same to you.

Update: The larger icons in on the dock are already present in the latest firmware update, Build number KI8. Yet another reason to use a UI replacement like LauncherPro or GO LauncherEX


Galaxy S2 #1

Galaxy S2 Phone of the Year
It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the Samsung Galaxy S2 has just been named as the Phone of the Year at the T3 Gadget Awards.  Congrats to Samsung and to everyone who already has one. It just goes to show what flawless taste all of us GS2 users have. Ego stroke. Sorry iPhone, I've got a GS2.  If you are here because you are as of yet undecided about which phone to get, well, this ought to convince you.

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